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Typism Book 9 2023

I'm a firm believer at sharing the losses as well as the wins over on The Lucky Type. Success doesn't happen overnight and even if you do have some success, it's never linear, nothing goes right all the time! So that being said, let's chat the Typism book!

Every year, the Instagram account Typism run a competition where hand letterers, typographers and calligraphers can submit up to 10 pieces of work (must be black and white, no colour) to hopefully be picked for their Typism book. Hundreds of designers submit every year for a small charge and a week later, you find out if you've been shortlisted and the week after that you're notified if one of your pieces is chosen for the book. This has been my fourth year (I think? Maybe third?) of taking part and I've been fortunate to have had a piece of lettering shortlisted every year but I haven't yet been featured, including this year.

So this year I submitted a few pieces that I'd worked on since the last Typism book including this lace piece inspired by a Taylor Swift lyric that took over 40 hours to complete and each part of lace was created with tiny little scribbles in ProCreate.

Intricate hand drawn lettering piece with the middle spelling out dressing for revenge

It was a real labour of love and I found creating it so therapeutic with all the individual squiggles etc and there's nothing more satisfying than finishing a complicated piece without knowing how it's really going to turn out.

Anyway, here are my other submissions from this year that didn't make the cut:

Am I disappointed that I didn't make it in for a third year in a row? Yes. Will I try again next year? I'm not too sure. One thing though is that my little lettering friend gerlacta got into the book this year and I'm so happy for her! She's worked so hard and her lettering is just getting better and better, no one deserves it more! So well done, Tam!!! 🥳✨


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