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No. 008
Logo Design
Case Study
Student work
Personal development
Yum goods.

Yum Goods is a fictional online shop that sells homeware and gifts such as prints, furniture, plants, pots, ceramics etc. They gather a wide selection of products handmade by artists all over the world, and their mission is to promote small artists and products that are eco-friendly, contributing to a sustainable and good looking lifestyle.


As they are just starting out and want to appeal to the millennial market, they want a look that is progressive and minimalistic but with a retro touch which matches their handmade vibe, but at the same time lets the products sing on the website. 

Deliverables: Logo, home page for web and mobile.

Fig. 01 - Logo for Web
Fig. 02 - Logo for Mobile

I've used earthy tones for the logo to emulate that retro style but included a modern twist with the dots in a semi-circle linking the two words to portray the creative community but also the individuality that comes with buying handmade goods.

I've kept the website simple by taking inspiration from H&M and Pinterest, typical places millennials would hang out online!

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