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No. 006
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As it stood in 2015, 40% of J2O consumption is by those aged 16 and under but in 2015 the company wanted to change that and challenged students via YCN to redesign J2O to appeal to a target audience of 25-35-year-old men and women. The design should make the target audience be proud to be seen holding J2O in bars, restaurants and at home.

Designs had to be created for both the Orange & Passion Fruit flavour and the Apple & Mango flavour and to also come up with packaging designs for the 4pk packaging for each of the flavours and as the J2O brand is synonymous with the colour green, it had to be featured in the design in some capacity.  The J2O logo and bottle also had to remain the same and I had to ensure the consumers know that it's a blend of two fruits.

Fig. 01 - Orange and Passion Fruit
Fig. 02 - Apple and Mango

As a teetotaller myself and at the time I was 25 years old, I felt like this brief was right up my street. My gut instinct was to make the branding look similar to alcohol bottles on the market and I took a lot of inspiration from beer bottles. I kept in mind the colours of the bottles and used a gradient to indicate the blend of flavours whilst keeping the bottle caps different colours for bartenders to grab quickly on a busy night.

Though the project was received well and won a Student YCN award, on reflection eight years on, I think I made the bottle a little too grown up and therefore alienated the younger J2O audience and would do a lot differently now I have more experience under my belt.

If you want to go on a real trip of exploration and discover how I got to the final submitted design (and how my student-brain worked), you can read my very very old blog post

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