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No. 003
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Alloy is a creative collective based in Hereford for members who work predominantly with metal, particularly silversmiths and jewellers, but they are branching out to gain members working with metal in other ways.

Their logo needed a refresh and they reached out to me to bring some hand-lettered goodness to their organisation. The logo needed to reflect the handmade nature of the work they create whilst also being generic enough to represent all members as a whole.

Fig. 01 - Final Logo
Fig. 02 - Other Logo Concepts

Alloy's redesign is inspired by the very nature of being part of a community; imperfect around the edges but joined together and supported in the centre.

There are currently 18 members in the organisation and they all share a communal workshop space in Hereford. They knew they wanted the logo to be within a circle which is handy for social media but they also wanted an organic feel to echo the handmade nature of their work. 

From sketch
To Vector
To Final

I'm so happy they chose this version of the logo as I wanted to emulate the angles and loops that are found in jewellery and small metal designs and how it can be flipped round and welded like one continuous piece of silver wire. They had a couple of changes to make, the Y for example, should be simplified to finish the circle which makes the logo simpler and clearer to see on social media and also for the lettering to be slightly less italicised (see fig.02.c for reference).

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