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The Beefy Boys run a local restaurant called "The Beefy Boys' Meat Boutique!" in The New Market in Hereford and use locally sourced ingredients to create mouth watering Burgers, Sides, Milkshakes and Cocktails. They first made headlines when entering the UK's biggest BBQ competition, Grillstock, winning the coveted title of Best Burger in 2014. They went on to represent the UK at The World Food Championships in Las Vegas where they competed against 50 of the best burger chefs in the world for the title of World's Best Burger and defied all odds and came 2nd overall with their Butty Bach Burger winning the final. The Beefy Boys used their winnings in Vegas to open The Meat Boutique in Christmas 2015.

My little part in the Beefy Boys' story is the huge blackboard that takes pride of place in the restaurant. The brief was broad and my typography could finally be let loose on a grand scale. At first I sketch individual words and then put a rough layout together. The boys approved it and I redrew the sketch to scale which was scanned in, vectorised in Illustrator and the digitally projected onto each section of the board (three sections in total). I then painted it by hand with some occasional help from the Beefy Boys. When the board was installed, I touched the edges up to match. The design was used on the menus, the website and on the staff's t-shirts. 

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