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No. 009
Passion Project
Magna Performing Arts.

Magna Performing Arts is an amateur dramatics organisation based in Herefordshire that pride themselves on being inclusive; anyone can join no matter acting ability, health conditions or impairments making the performing arts accessible to anyone wanting to take part. I was once a member of the youth group back in my childhood and teenage years so it holds a special place in my heart and I noticed their logo might need an update so I reached out to the owner to see if they'd like a refresh.

Fig.01 - Logo Redesign
Fig.02 - Original Logo

I kept the colours relatively faithful to their current logo and incorporated the happy theatrical mask as the “G” which can also be used as a separate asset, for example an alternative logo for social media or as quotation marks on their website. Magna prides itself in being inclusive, no matter your acting ability or whether you have health conditions or impairments, Magna never discriminates and everyone is welcome to take part. To symbolise this I included the little star to represent the individuality of every person that takes part in Magna as well as a little nod to a spotlight on stage.

From sketch
To Vector
To Final

Unfortunately, they preferred the logo they already use and it won’t be implemented in real life but I had a lot of fun taking a trip down theatrical memory lane and designing an identity for an organisation I very much admire.

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