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No. 006
Student Competition Brief

The brief was to rebrand J2O to appeal to adults. I was a mature student at the time and I’ve been t-total all my life so it felt like a brief that I was the target market for. The brief stated that the J2O logo should remain the same and the J2O green must be used and to also keep in mind that the drink should still appeal to children as well as adults. This last rule slipped my mind a little bit because my first thought was to “make it look like alcohol”.


I took inspiration from beer bottles such as Corona and Stella as well as soft drinks for adults like Appletizer and Shloer and simplified the logo to look more streamlined and adult. I found it difficult to incorporate the J2O green so I turned the bottles green and made the labels look more akin to artisan beer.

This design went on to win a Student YCN award and was featured in the YCN Student Annual 2015/16.

From sketch
To Vector
To Final

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