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No. 004
Elizabeth Terzza Jewellery.

Elizabeth Terzza is a highly successful jeweller based in Hereford that specialises in heirloom and wedding jewellery that’s mostly based on botanicals and nature.

Beth came to me for a wax seal design in the form of a monogram that she could also use on her packaging and her website. She had followed my work for a while and as I’m very partial to a botanical myself, I jumped at the chance to design a little asset for her brand.

Her brand features olive branches predominantly and Beth wanted this to be incorporated into her wax seal and monogram. I ended up sketching more than enough options and we routed through them together, narrowed them down and with Beth’s help to get the olive leaves exactly right, we achieved the final design that’s being used on her boxes and her website.

It was an absolute joy to work on this project collaboratively with Beth.


From sketch
To Vector
To Final

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