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No. 002

I had the pleasure of designing all print collateral for the BBC’s Arabic Film Festival straight out of university for two years running. It including festival guides, posters, certificates, postcards, plus invitations to the opening and closing nights.


Working on the project was challenging but rewarding (working with Arabic can be a little fiddly!) but after landing a full time design job at Astute Graphics, my freelance time became difficult to manage and I turned down the opportunity to design for them in 2018.

From sketch
To Vector
To Final

Looking at my design work now in 2023, I realise how fresh out of university I was and there’s a lot of things I’d do differently! However, so far my portfolio is 90% passion projects and we all know working with clients can be challenging so I need to show more work that proves I can manage it. Most people won’t even read this far, I’m sure, but if you have then gold star for you!

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