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"Life Finds a Way" Enamel Pin

"Life Finds a Way" Enamel Pin

SKU: LFAW-gold

"Life, uhhh, finds a way" is the iconic quote from Jeff Goldblum in my all time favourite 90s movie Jurassic Park and I believe we can apply the sentiment to more than just dinosaurs.



    Gold edging with black enamel, these pins come in at a classy 1.5"


    At the moment, we're not accepting returns/refunds unless you receive a damaged product. While we do inspect shipments, mistakes can happen, so feel free to get in touch! In the future, as we expand our product offerings, we'll revisit this one.


    First Class Post can take anywhere between 2 and 7 days depending on how far away you are from the West Mids/little old us. 


    International shipping will require an extra cost of £5

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