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the story behind the name

The name The Lucky Type was born ironically from an inside joke with my family that we have next to no luck; if something unlucky is going to happen, it'll happen to us! We used to call it "Goode luck", my maiden name is Goode, FYI.

Personally, I've always had a fascination with luck. When I was a child I'd head straight to the lucky dip at any school summer fete, the excitement of the surprise of what I'd find making me eager to hand over my 50p. My mum had a bracelet that had talismans from each of us on it; something from my grandad (long since passed), a gem bear for me, a cross from mum, something from my sister... I can't remember the details now, but she'd give it to me to put in my pocket during my school exams or if I was facing something scary at school. When "the thing" was over, I'd hand it back and she'd keep it safe until it was my sister's turn to face something scary. It was a tradition that brought with it comfort and safety, a sort of peace of mind for me.

When I turned 21, my family chipped in to buy a necklace from a company called "Hot Diamonds", similar to Pandora, I was given a chain and charms to get me started. I never took it off until it broke a few years later. I replaced it with a very cheap gold necklace from Accessorize that had "Lucky" engraved on it. It since tarnished and turned from gold to bronze, leaving a green stain around my neck. So, to ensure luck would always be on my side, I had the word "luck" tattooed on my ribs, a talisman that wouldn't tarnish, break and for sure something I couldn't lose!

Now-a-days, I wear a silver sixpence pendant on a long silver chain to persuade luck to stay on my side of the line. I never take it off (except the day of my wedding and if the celebrant missing a whole paragraph out of my wedding vows so I had to improvise, the dog barking throughout, dodging a wasp for a good chunk of the ceremony and eventually, two weeks later, our party venue flooding, then I take it as a good sign to never take the damn necklace off again!)

I've always had a fascination with fate or having my fortune read and just the idea of things happening for a reason and that there's a plan in life does bring me comfort but I also believe you have to make good decisions and work hard to make things truly happen. As wonderful illustrator Adam once said;

"I do believe that "luck" exists but people choosing to share, support, connect, promote, and raise others up is how most things are actually accomplished"

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