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Wipe Out Magazine is one of the leading surf magazines in the world. They are looking for a fresh new look and feel for their magazine.


To appeal to both the younger and older demographics, they want the design to feel stylish and fashionable, but with an old-school twist. To get an idea of the creative direction, they would like to see a double page magazine spread, with a clear and defined route for the design which they will then plan to roll out across their magazine for 2020 and 2021. They are open-minded to the content you choose to include in the designs, as at this stage the focus is on the aesthetic. The only requirements is it must include action-based images of surfers - so, no images of surfers walking down the beach - and clear defined styles for main titles, sub headers, body text and pull quotes.


I wanted to keep the magazine clean and simple, like the horizon when looking out to the sea. I designed a quick logo to reflect this and then let the design echo throughout the magazine, subtly including diagonal lines throughout the typography and at the end of the bars running along the top of each page.

On the contents page, the articles are all colour coded so you can easily flip to the page or article you're looking for, both along the top of the page and down the side. The colours and corresponding article-type would be the same every month.

I've tried to keep a lot of breathing space around the imagery to continue the theme of the horizon or in other words, the vast space you feel when looking out to sea; like you're really small and the world is really big.


A quick style tile for a quick logo!

The colours are modern but earthy, with inspiration taken from sand, coral and the ocean. I wanted the design to feel relaxed and peaceful, not cluttered, just like how I feel when I'm at the beach so a clean Sans Serif font like Gill Sans used at different weights was just the ticket.

The diagonal line that forms part of the W and also wipes out part of the O is echoed throughout the typography (such as the "Against the Tide"on the sub header double page spread) and design within in the magazine. The half circle of the O is also echoed in the form of circles on the cover image and on other images throughout as well as a big open O in the form of typography on the "Surfing in the Canary Islands" double page spread.

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